Wrangle your email with Google Inbox

Have you heard of Inbox?  If not, ask me for an invite. I’ve got one or two…

And after sweeping away thousands of messages in Inbox, I highly recommend using it. Inbox by Gmail has helped me keep my email inbox clean and controlled for longer than I have in years. It just makes sense.

Inbox is more than just your email inbox.
Inbox is more than just your email inbox.

It’s an interface filled with buttons, knobs, and icons to help you feel in control of your messages.  As you might expect, given its utterly minimal title, Inbox is an email service simplified to the max.

Accordion-style expansion

Everything is minimal, sleek, and smooth — it’s all designed to keep you in one familiar location and eliminate the feeling of being jerked around from one screen to another.

Emails and bundles open up accordion style so you never have to leave your current page.


Emails of the same category are bundled together so you can choose to ignore them or breeze through them quickly.

With pre-made labels like “Social”, “Promos”, and “Forums”, you can choose if you want to read those emails right now, or save them for later.

If you’re already familiar with those groupings from Gmail, you may wonder how that’s different than Gmail’s tabbed inbox.

While the categories are the same as Gmail, the placement of the bundles in Inbox is so much better. The bundles appear as one line in the inbox, so there’s no switching tabs back and forth. If you choose to expand the bundle, it opens up accordion-style, and you can scan inside that bundle or get rid of it. You always remain on one page.

Done, Pin, or Snooze

Pinning: This is where you put things that you need to check up on later.

You see an email that’s really, really, important, but you’re afraid you’re going to forget to read it later? Tap the Pin button, conveniently located directly on the email line in the inbox. Now it’s saved in your “Pinned” tab. This Pinned tab is where all your Pinned content goes.

Done: You’ve read the email and you don’t need to see it anymore? Check the “done” icon.

The email will be moved out of the inbox and to the “Done” section– which means it’s completely accessible and searchable if you ever wanted to see it again, but it doesn’t have to be cluttering up your inbox. This does the same thing as Gmail’s “Archive” option, but doesn’t it sound much more satisfying when you get to say “I’m done with you!” to that annoying sales email?

Snooze: Let Inbox remind me.

Choose a time in the future to be reminded about this email — minutes, hours, days, away — and Inbox will notify you when that time comes. Or, you can even choose a location to be reminded about that email. Say you wanted to be reminded of the email when you got home? Tell Inbox, it’ll do it when you pull up.


It’s just easy

There’s more features to Inbox, and you can read more about it. These are just some of the biggest features that have helped me clear out my inbox entirely and keep it that way. While I have found one or two things that I can’t do in Inbox (custom filters for emails — not just by one pre-chosen criteria), this feature set really does just make sense. I recommend it.