h.264 vs. Avid DNx HD vs Uncompressed Comparison – Uploaded to YouTube and to Vimeo

In this post, I compare a straight Color Bars export using 2 different codecs: h.264 and Avid DNx HD. I then show the videos uploaded to both YouTube and to Vimeo, revealing how the different codecs fare after run through those services’ compression.

Note: this test is run on a Windows Machine, using Premiere/Adobe Media Encoder. Color bars are HD Bars and Tone, ARIB-STD-B28

Color Bars export of the Avid DNx HD (8-bit) codec (left) vs. h.264 of bitrate 11 (right)

Clearly, the Avid DNx black is a much deeper and truer tone. However, the scale of black to grey is more clearly delineated in the h.264 output.

To see how it fares after being run through YouTube’s compression, see below.

DNx on YouTube:

h.264 on YouTube:

DNx on Vimeo:

h.264 on Vimeo:

Download the Avid DNx HD codec at http://www.avid.com/US/industries/workflow/DNxHD-Codec

Also, just in case we want to look further, here is Uncompressed Video (using V210 codec) uploaded to both services:

Uncompressed Uploaded to Vimeo:

Uncompressed Uploaded to YouTube: