Using Stock Media to create unique transitions

Here’s an exercise in custom transitions through the use of strokes and scale animation.

As inspiration for this video, I downloaded three images from GraphicStock

a)iconleaf                        b)  IconRain              c) funkyicon_home

Then made this motion graphics animation to give some life to these icons:

Not so long ago, I got roped into the ( and ) bandwagon. For a low yearly rate, I get access to lots of stock footage. While the vast majority of this stock footage is half-rate, there are a few things that make the subscription a great asset for me.

One of those things is the After Effects and Motion templates. These pre-made graphical templates add a complex and refined look to a project that couldn’t otherwise be achieved without spending lots of extra hours. A little bit of customization on these templates can go a long way towards launching you into a unique video.

Using in conjunction with courses from I’ve been having some fun lately with “Mograph techniques” using After Effects.

Once I had these 2 stock images, I went wild – animated some elements of the lighting, added a flashing adjustment layer, and animated the stroke of the cloud to create the transition.

The technical aspects of these animations can be learned from this course